Feel That Chill In The Air ... Do you
want to light your fireplace?
As Jacksonville temperatures are dropping how
do you know your chimney is safe?  
Its that time of year and you want to use your fireplace, but do
you know if its safe?  
Fireplaces add so much charm and warmth to
cool evenings and overcast days, we even use them in Florida!  But fire
and carbon monoxide dangers are real.  Soot build up in the chimney
flue can create a fire hazard.  Rust and leaks can deteriorate the
integrity of your chimney and expose you to dangerous carbon
monoxide.  But that's no reason you can't enjoy a cozy fire!  Schedule
your yearly chimney sweep and inspection and enjoy the comfort of your
fireplace in safety*.  Jacksonville, NE Florida and SE Georgia are only
cool for a few months a year, so don't miss out on this burning season!  
Call for a chimney cleaning and inspection appointment today!  
Soot isn't just dirty, its dangerous.  When you have a fire in your fireplace
the smoke travels up an out your chimney flue.  Just like steamy air after a shower
hits the cold glass mirror and condenses, the smoke touches the cooler sides of the
chimney flue and deposits soot.  That soot includes tiny particles of unburnt and
slightly burnt wood.  Those particles are still flammable.  The more you have in the
flue, the more flammable material you have.  All it takes is one spark to travel from
your fireplace up your chimney flue to hit just the right spot and the soot can ignite
starting a chimney fire.  Also as the soot sits and bakes and refines into second and
third stage creosote.  Each stage is progressively more flammable.  Sweeping a
chimney is a lot like sweeping the floor, except we sweep up soot - without making
a mess, of course.  Call today to get the soot swept out of your chimney so you can
have your fires with peace of mind.*  
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A chimney sweep is
affordable maintenance on
your home.
 So there's no
reason to forget about your
chimney.  A chimney in
Jacksonville FLorida needs to be
cleaned by a sweep at least once
a year, more depending on use.  
Even if you don't use your chimney
it should be inspected every other
year.  A maintained chimney adds
comfort, charm and lots of resale
value to your home.  Before you
start you light your fireplace for
the first fire of the season
your chimney is safe, maintained,
and not costing you extra money.  
Call today for your yearly
inspection from a local
Jacksonville professional
chimney sweep.*
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Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune
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Chimneys Need Year
Round Maintenance
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Jacksonville Chimney Sweep  keeps baby safe
WINTER is coming fast and the Holidays are almost upon us.  Planning
on using your fireplace?  Are you sure your chimney is safe?   Its time to
have a chimney sweep make sure you don't have dangerous creosote
built up in your chimney.  Schedule an appointment today!*

SPRING brings warm afternoon showers.  Time to have a chimney
sweep make sure you don't have any leaks.  Water seeps in through
rusty chimney parts and by the time you realize it you have drywall
damage, wood rot, and mold.  Call your chimney sweep before the leak

SUMMER means the temperatures are HOT.  Have a chimney sweep
check missing chimney damper is like leaving two windows wide open.  
Have a chimney sweep make sure your chimney is energy efficient and
not costing you money!  An chimney inspection is much more affordable
than months of lost energy.*
Ash Away Chimney Sweep Service is a full service chimney sweep
offering chimney sweeps, safety inspections, repairs and more.

Ash Away Chimney Sweeps service Jacksonville, FL, Northeast
Florida including Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach,
Atlantic Beach, Mayport, Ponte Vedra, Southside, Pecan Park,
Northside, Springfield, Riverside, Avondale, Murray HIll, Mandarin,
Beauclerc, San Marco, San Jose,  Westside, Argyle, Ortega, Oak
Leaf, Orange Park, Middleburg, Doctors Lake, Geen Cove Springs,   
White House, Baldwin, Starke, Gainesville, Macclenny, Glen St Mary,
Lake City, Palatka, and Southeast Georgia, including Kingsland,
Folkston, Brunswick, St Simons Island, Sea Island, and Valdosta.  
We are the best chimney sweeps for no mess!
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* Every chimney and chimney repair is unique.  These statements should not be construed to constitute any kind of implied or expressed warranty.
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