Rainy Florida Days...is your chimney leaking?
Jacksonville Temperatures Rise
...is your air conditioning escaping out your chimney?  
Chimney maintenance isn't just for cold winter days. Rusting,
leaking chimney caps and chimney dampers can damage
homes and cause expensive utility bills in hot summer months.
Not maintaining your chimney ends
up being very costly.
 Standard builder
chimney caps here in Jacksonville, FL are
made out of galvanized metal and after just a
few years can begin to rust.  Once they start to
rust it isn't long before they leak.  Even small
water leaks can rot away your wood and
drywall and damage your flue and firebox
making it unsafe to use your fireplace.  Have a
chimney sweep inspect your chimney today to
make sure it is weather tight.*

The chimney sweep can make sure that your
chimney cap is on securely and your chimney
is not an inviting entry to squirrels, raccoons,
or birds to take up un-welcomed residence in
your chimney.  These animals  bring debris in
your chimney, excrement, bugs and germs.  
Have a chimney sweep make sure your
chimney is critter tight.*  
See this chimney chase pan with rust
on the side?  Imagine how much rust
is on top where water is able to sit.
A chimney is designed to pull
smoke out of your home.
there isn't a fire it is still drawing air out of
your home.  The damper is the "door" that
opens and shuts the chimney flue.  If your
damper is damaged or missing the amount
of cold air drawn out of your house is like
leaving two windows wide open.  A closed
damper can save you $30-$40 a month on
your utility bill.  A chimney sweep is much
more affordable than leaking utilities! Have
a chimney sweep inspect your Jacksonville,
FL chimney today to make sure you aren't
wasting money.*
Click Here or call
(904) 379-2185
A chimney sweep is
affordable maintenance
on your home.
 So there's no
reason to forget about your
chimney.  A chimney needs to be
cleaned by a sweep at least once
a year, more depending on use.  
Even if you don't use your
chimney it should be inspected
every other year.  A maintained
chimney adds comfort, charm
and lots of resale value to your
home.  A chimney is either a
forgotten hole in your roof or a
well maintained asset to your
home.  Don't  just hope,
your chimney is maintained, safe
and not costing you extra money.  
Call today for your yearly
inspection from a professional
chimney sweep.*
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(904) 379-2185
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Not maintaining your
chimney is much more
costly than an affordable
chimney sweep.  
Don't let
tough economic times here in
Jacksonville, FL, NE Florida and
SE Georgia tempt you to put off
your yearly chimney cleaning and
inspection by a chimney sweep.   
Even small water leaks can rot
away your wood and drywall.  
Broken chimney dampers let air
conditioning blow money right out
of your house!  Cracks in the
chimney flue allow poisonous
gases like carbon monoxide to
seep into your home.  Dangerous
soot and creosote build up in
your chimney puts your family and
home at risk of fire and the
unspeakable.  Have your chimney
cleaned and inspected by a
chimney sweep today. *
Ash Away Chimney Sweeps is a
full service chimney sweep  and
chimney care provider serving
Jacksonville, FL.
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SUMMER is here and the Jacksonville, FL temperatures are HOT.  Have a
chimney sweep check missing chimney damper is like leaving two windows wide
open.  Have a chimney sweep make sure your chimney is energy efficient and not
costing you money!  An chimney inspection is much more affordable than months
of lost energy.*

WINTER in Jacksonville, FL last year was the coldest in seventy five years.  Did
you use your fireplace more than usual?  Its time to have a chimney sweep make
sure you don't have dangerous creosote built up in your chimney.  Schedule an
appointment today!*

SPRING in Jacksonville, FL brings warm afternoon showers.  Time to have a
chimney sweep make sure you don't have any leaks.  Water seeps in through
rusty chimney parts and by the time you realize it you have drywall damage, wood
rot, and mold.  Call your chimney sweep before the leak starts.*
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Ash Away Chimney Sweep Service is a full service chimney sweep and chimney care
provider offering chimney cleanings and chimney inspections, minor chimney repairs,
major chimney restorations, and more.

Ash Away Chimney Sweeps services Jacksonville, FL.  
We are the best chimney
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