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Chimney Cleaning
The most common service we provide is chimney or fireplace sweeping and
.  Everyone in Jacksonville, FL wants to know to know how often you need to have your chimney
swept and inspected.  
The Chimney safety Institute of America and the National Fire
Protection Association say you should have your chimney cleaned and inspected
once a year or more depending on use
.  Just because you haven't used it in a while is no reason
to assume it is safe, all kinds of things such as animals can get in your chimney during the off season.  The
consumer Product Safety Commission's statistics show an average of 25,100 chimney fires responsible for
30 deaths and $126.1 million in property damage each year.  An annual inspection gives the sweep a
chance to find cracks, creosote build up or other dangerous  developments in your chimney.  The sweep
also has a chance to check the top of your chimney and make sure nothing has been knocked off allowing
rain and the elements into your home.  Of course if we get there and your chimney does not need sweeping
then you will only be charged for the inspection.  Putting off a sweep to save money is taking a dangerous
The reason you need your chimney
swept is because of the smoke,
which contains tiny unburned but
flammable solid particles which
adhere to the walls of your chimney,
called creosote, or more commonly
small spark from a fire can ignite them causing
a chimney fire.  Chimneys and pipes like the
ones on wood stoves are designed for smoke to
pass through at relatively low temperatures,
they are not built to withstand
chimney fires which can burn at 2,000
Soot build up also reduces the flow
of air out of the flue so the chance of smoke
coming back in your house increases.  General
maintenance dictates a yearly chimney cleaning
and inspection.*
Sooty build up is highly flammable and
the cause of dangerous chimney fires.
Chimney Inspection
Chimney Sweep Diagram Jacksonville Florida
So what do we do during a
chimney inspection, what are we
looking for?
 We offer Jacksonville, FL a
21 point inspection that encompasses all
components that a chimney and fireplace
could contain.  This inspection will reveal if
the chimney is well maintained and in perfect
working order or if there are any problems
that could occur durig normal operation.  The
most common problems found are leaky
crowns, leaky caps and dampers, cracked
fireboxes and
the most dangerous
condition, dirty flues
In general we check for four basic things:
1.  Is there soot built up or third stage creosote that needs  to be removed to prevent a chimney fire.*
2.  Is the chimney heat tight?  Is there any obvious signs of wear that heat can escape through causing  a
house fire?*
3.  Is the chimney air tight?  Is there any obvious signs of wear that smoke and poisonous gasses like
carbon monoxide can escape through your walls causing a deadly situation for you and your family.*
4.  Is the chimney water tight?  Is there an obvious place where wear or rust is letting water into your
home that is causing damage?*
Third Stage Creosote Removal
In less than 5% of the Jacksonville, FL
chimneys we service the chimney has had
so much repeated use between cleanings
that third stage creosote has built up
.  This
is the most flammable stage of creosote.  At first when
smoke leaves deposits in your chimney that is the
powdery sooty dust you expect and can be swept out
easily by our brushes.  This is Stage One.  Stage Two
is crispy and flaky, but is still soft enough that with a
little extra elbow grease our brushes can sweep it out.  
Third stage is after a lot of soot has built up and has
cooked in the chimney, now it is solid and hard and
cannot be swept.  It can have a musty smell that
sometimes is very strong throughout the house.  To
remove Third Stage Creosote we have to apply a
chemical treatment that breaks it down so that later
Creosote from a chimney in Jacksonville Florida
This piece of third stage was taken  
from a customer's chimney.  It is the
most flammable form of creosote.  
we can come back and sweep it out with a brush.  This is an added expense for the customer, which is why it
is best to have your chimney swept before Third Stage forms.  
Third Creosote Stage is the most
flammable form of creosote and it is very dangerous to have a fire with it in your
Pre-Fab Chimney Caps and Chase Pans
Chimney Cap rusting leaking needs repair Jacksonville FL
If this chimney chase pan has
this much rust on the side, how
much do you think you think is
on top where water can sit?
The very best investment you can make in your pre-fab
chimney is a good quality chimney cap and chase pan.  A
chimney cap and chase pan keeps Jacksonville rain out of
your house and keeps animals from making homes in your
chimney flue or walls.  A chimney cap also contains a spark
arrestor.  Rain and weather is the biggest cause of damage
to your chimney and hoe.  Rain can rust out metal.  Rain
gets into your walls and ruins drywall and plaster, causes
mold, rot and attracts termites and bugs.  Rain can destroy
your chimney making it a serious fire hazard. *
Chimney Cap Chase Pan Repair Jacksonville FL
Chimney Chase Pan Rusting Leaking Jacksonville FL
Left: Here is a chimney chase pan so
rusted water is coming in the house every
time it rains!
Right: This is the same chimney with a
new aluminum chase pan.  No more leaks
and this one will
not rust.
Masonry Chimney Caps and Crowns
Chimney masonry needs new chimney cap jacksonville fl
Chimney Cap Repair Jacksonville FL
Left: This is a crown that
is leaking water into the
brick below.  And just
think how many animals
can fit in
Right: Now
that's better.  The crown
is water proofed and no
rain or animals can get in
the flue.
A good cap keeps birds and animals out of your Jacksonville, FL chimney.  Critters are attracted to chimneys,
they are warm, smell great and are a nice tall secure place to make a home.  But their nests are highly
flammable.  You would be amazed at the kinds of animals we have found in chimneys, raccoons, birds,
squirrels, snakes and one very angry owl.  Baby birds constantly chirp and can drive you nuts!  And if the
critter can't get back out the top then he'll try to exit through your home.  Some have their babies in your
chimney and when they don't all survive they die in there creating a terrible smell and maggot infestation.  
Plus the critters have lice, fleas, dander and diseases that can put your family at risk.  The nests left behind
are not just fuel for a raging chimney fire but they block the chimney so fumes and smoke can't escape.  The
migratory birds that nest in chimneys are called chimney swifts and like salmon they come back to the same
place year after year to have their babies.  We recently had one house that had 18 inches of bird debris in
their chimney. Yuck!  Nest materials, feathers, rotten eggs, dead babies and bird excremement.  What a
mess living right inside your house!*
Chimney Damper
Chimney losing money energy efficient Jacksonville FL
Your damper is the "door" that closes the flue when the chimney is not in
use.  If you leave your damper open or it is missing or broken then your
heating and air-conditioning are being drawn right out of the house.  Your
chimney is a pipe out of your home specifically designed to pull air out.  
Leaving your damper open is like leaving two windows wide open.  When
we are on your roof in the summer we can lean over your chimney and
feel cool air blowing on our faces.  While your Jacksonville, FL neighbors
thank you for doing your part  keeping the neighborhood cool, it isn't really
cost effective.  Having us fix your damper or install a new damper can
save you hundreds of dollars a year on utility bills.*
Jacksonville, FL Chimney Clean Appointment
Masonry Chimney Diagram Jacksonville Florida
Pre-fab Chimney Jacksonville Florida
Chimney and Fireplace Questions Jacksonville Florida
Chimney Clean and Sweep Diagram Jacksonville Florida
Chimney Flue
Build Up
Just one little
Starts a
chimney fire.
A chimney sweep is
affordable maintenance
on your home.
 So there's no
reason to forget about your
chimney.  A chimney needs to
be cleaned by a sweep at least
once a year, more depending on
use.  Even if you don't use your
chimney it should be inspected
every other year.  A maintained
chimney adds comfort, charm
and lots of resale value to your
home.  A chimney is either a
forgotten hole in your roof or a
well maintained asset to your
home.  Don't  just hope,
your chimney is maintained,
safe and not costing you extra
money.  Call today for your yearly
inspection from a professional
chimney sweep.*
Not maintaining your
chimney is much more
costly than an affordable
chimney sweep.  
Don't let
tough economic times here in
Jacksonville, FL tempt you to put
off your yearly chimney cleaning
and inspection by a chimney
sweep.   Even small water leaks
can rot away your wood and
drywall.  Broken chimney
dampers let air conditioning
blow money right out of your
house!  Cracks in the chimney
flue allow poisonous gases like
carbon monoxide to seep into
your home.  Dangerous soot
and creosote build up in your
chimney puts your family and
home at risk of fire and the
unspeakable.  Have your
chimney cleaned and inspected
by a chimney sweep today.*
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provider offering chimney
cleanings and inspections,
minor chimney repairs, major
chimney restorations, chimney
caps, chimney chase pans,
chimney flashings, chimney
relines, dryer vent cleanings and
more. *
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