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Like every part of your home, chimneys and fireplaces require some maintenance,
inspections and occasional repairs - even if in Florida we don't use them as often
as the rest of the country.
 Using a professional chimney sweep is the best way to
assure your chimney has been fixed properly and safely.  See the diagram above and
read the descriptions below of the different pre-fab chimney parts work together and
some of the maintenance and repairs pre-fab chimneys require.  When the chimney
sweep comes to your chimney sweep appointment you will have working knowledge
of your chimney and understandingof any work the chimney sweep does on your
chimney, from a simple sweep to more extensive repairs.

A pre-fab chimney begins with the firebox.  This is the box in the fireplace inside your
home where you build the fire.  The firebox is where the chimney sweep begins your
chimney inspection and where the chimney sweep cleans the chimney from.  Just
above the firebox is the chimney's
damper.  The damper is like a door between your
fireplace and your chimney flue that you open when you have a fire to let the smoke
and exhaust escape and close when you are done to keep the elements out to keep
your heating and air-conditioning in.  It is smart to have a chimney sweep inspect your
chimney damper to make sure it is not  costing you money.  A damaged, open or
missing chimney damper can cost $30-$40 a month in extra utility bills.   Above the
chimney's damper and just on top of the fireplace is the
air cooled flue.  This chimney
flue is made out of two pipes, one inside the other.  The inner flue pipe is how smoke
escapes the chimney.  Its the smoke that distributes soot in this chimney flue and this
is what the chimney sweep brushes out when he cleans your chimney.  You should
have your chimney cleaned regularly by a chimney sweep to prevent a fire in your
chimney flue.  A fire in the chimney flue can lead to expensive repairs or worse, a
house fire.  The outer pipe of the chimney's air cooled flue takes in fresh air from the
outside and cools the inner pipe.  It is important to have a professional chimney
sweep with knowledge of pre-fab chimney systems handle your chimney repairs to
assure that they know how to keep air flow in this outer chimney flue pipe.  The entire
mechanism is housed inside a wood box called the chimney's
chase.  The outside of
the chimney's chase usually has stucco or siding on it.  On the top of the chimney's
chase is the
chase pan which functions as a roof for the chase.  The chase pan looks
like a cake pan turned upside down with a hole in the center that the chimney's flue
goes through.  Some people refer to the chase pan as the chimney flashing.  Both
terms are correct.  On top of the chimney flue is the
chimney cap.  The chimney cap
protects the chimney flue and keeps the elements out while allowing smoke to escape
from the house.  The chimney cap has an animal guard, so you don't get any
unwelcomed visitors in your home.  The chimney cap has a spark arrestor on top that
keeps embers from landing on your roof or foliage.  Some people call a cap a spark
arrestor when actually it is just part of the chimney cap.  Chimney caps are also
sometimes referred to as a termination cap.  All these terms are correct.  Be careful
that you have the right kind of chimney cap installed on a pre-fab chimney.  If the
chimney cap is installed wrong and the outer pipe of the chimney flue is not able to get
enough fresh air the inner chimney flue can get too hot and cause a fire.  We
recommend you use a professional chimney sweep for these repairs to assure that
the installation does not interfere with the air flow.   A common chimney repair for
pre-fab chimneys is when the chimney caps and chimney chase pans rust an corrode
and then leak in your home.  This can rust out your chimney flue making it unsafe,
cause wood rot and mold that require expensive repairs.  The best thing is to have a
chimney sweep inspect your chimney every year to make sure you don't have rust
forming.  If there is rust Ash Away Chimney Sweeps use aluminum and stainless steel
chimney caps and chase pans that will not rust so we can give them a lifetime
guarantee not to rust or blow off.  Lastly, there is a small vent going from the firebox to
outside the chimney chase.  This is the chimney's
fresh air return, it fuels the fire with
the oxygen it needs to burn and keeps smoke from coming back into the house.  Not
all pre-fab chimneys have a fresh air return.  Note, some pre-fab chimneys in older
neighborhoods of Jacksonville, FL do not have a chase and are contained with in your
walls and just have a pipe coming out of your roof with a chimney cap on top.  There is
no chase pan as there is no chimney chase.  If you have any questions about your
pre-fab chimney you can ask a chimney sweep from Ash Away Chimney Sweeps and
we'll be happy to answer your questions. *
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Ash Away Chimney Sweeps wants to have the most educated customers they can.  In
matters of fire safety we believe the best way to assure your safety is to have a
professional chimney sweep inspect your chimney.  The diagrams and explanations
here are to help you know when to call the chimney sweep and to understand the work
the chimney sweep is doing.
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A chimney sweep is affordable maintenance on your home.  There's no reason to forget about your
chimney, even in Jacksonville, FL where we don't use our fireplaces and chimneys as often as colder states.  A chimney
needs to be cleaned by a chimney sweep at least once a year, more depending on use.  Even if you don't use your chimney
you should get a chimney inspection every other year.  And if you don't use your chimney often, you would be surprised how
a few fires in the fireplace can add up.  Most people don't realize how many times they have used their chimney between
chimney cleanings.  All those "let's have a fire in the fireplace just this once" adds up.  Also chimney parts up top can rust
over time causing damage to your home or unsafe chimney burning conditions.  Rusty or broken chimney dampers can
allow expensive air conditioning and heat to leak out of your home, and in Jacksonville, FL we worry a lot about lowering our
air conditioning bill.  It is much more affordable to repair your chimney damper than to pay those expensive utility bills every
month.   A maintained chimney adds comfort, charm and lots of resale value to your home - home buyers love a wood
burning fireplace.  A chimney is either a forgotten hole in your roof or a well maintained asset to your home.  Don't  just
know your chimney is maintained, safe and not costing you extra money.  Call today for your affordable yearly chimney
inspection from a professional chimney sweep.*
Not maintaining your chimney is much more costly than an affordable chimney sweep.  Don't let
tough economic times here in Jacksonville, FL tempt you to put off your yearly chimney cleaning and chimney inspection by
a chimney sweep.   Even small water leaks from your chimney top can rot away your wood and drywall.  Broken chimney
dampers let air conditioning blow money right out of your house through your chimney!  Cracks in the chimney flue allow
poisonous gases like carbon monoxide to seep from smoke in your chimney into your home.  Dangerous soot and
creosote build up in your chimney puts your family and home at risk of fire and the unspeakable.  The most affordable way
to handle these conditions is to make sure they don't happen in the first place with an affordable chimney sweep.  Have
your chimney cleaned and inspected by a chimney sweep today.  Of course cost is an important factor for all of us.  Ash
Away Chimney Sweeps serving Jacksonville, FL have several chimney discounts and chimney coupons you can use to
make a chimney sweep even more affordable on our chimney discounts and chimney coupons page.  But the best value to
you that makes your chimney sweep the most affordable is our group chimney sweep rate.  Get together with friends and
family living nearby.  The more chimneys that need a chimney sweep in an area the less we need to charge for each
chimney cleaning.  So if you need your chimney cleaned by a professional chimney sweep, then chances are some of your
friends and family need to have their chimney cleaned by a professional chimney sweep as well.  Why not get together and
all of you can save on having your chimney cleaned by a chimney sweep.  If you all need a chimney sweep why not work
together to make the chimney sweep more affordable?  If you know someone who needs an affordable chimney sweep
they probably know someone who needs an affordable chimney sweep, who in turn knows someone else who needs an
affordable chimney sweep...  That's a great deal, like a super coupon!  Ash Away Chimney Sweeps also offer Jacksonville,
FL chimney coupons for individual homes.  There is a coupon to save on your chimney sweep, or a coupon to save on your
dryer vent cleaning when you have a chimney sweep, and a coupon for your chimney repairs.  We also have a coupon that
offers a chimney sweep discount to Jacksonville FL's senior citizens.  And to thank our military for their service we have a
coupon that offers them a chimney sweep discount as well.  Use our chimney coupons found on our chimney coupons
and chimney discounts page or get together with your friends and family to have your  chimneys cleaned by a chimney
sweep at an even greater discount making a chimney sweep even more affordable..  Chimney maintenance is an
affordable way to care for your home. *
Ash Away Chimney Sweeps is a full service chimney care provider offering chimney cleanings and chimney inspections,
minor chimney repairs, and major chimney restorations.  The most common chimney repairs we perform in Jacksonville,
FL are repairs to the chimney top.  We repair or replace chimney caps; we repair or replace chimney chase pans; we
repair chimney crowns, we repair or replace chimney dampers; we repair chimney flues and we repair more.  Major
restorations include repairs to the chimney flue or if the chimney flue is beyond repair we can reline the chimney with a
new stainless steel chimney flue, we repair old mortar on the exterior of the chimney that over time wears away and allows
water to damage your chimney causing unsafe conditions that require more repairs.  When we perform a chimney repair
we use the best materials available made of lasting materials like stainless steel and aluminum whenever proper and
safe to assure that your chimney repair will last as long as possible, and in some cases we give lifetime guarantees that
they will not rust and will not come off your chimney in any weather less than hurricane or tornado. *

Ash Away Chimney Sweeps service Jacksonville, FL.
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* Every chimney repair is unique.  These statements should not be
construed to constitute any kind of implied or expressed warranty.